Knicks Avoid Sweep

I’m just happy the Knicks finally won a playoff game and avoided a sweep. All signs point to the Heat finishing off the Knicks in Game 5 down in Miami.

And Davis goes down with a dislocated kneecap – it looked quite cringeworthy on TV. I hope he gets better and wish him all the best, but I’m going to be honest here. I don’t think Davis is a good point guard. He was good in his prime but now he’s old and physically broken. He’s just not fit enough to compete at the level the Knicks want to compete at. The knee might be the final blow in a long list of injuries for him. So now we have just Bibby and Douglas left. And for some reason Woodson never plays Douglas, not even just to sub for a few minutes. Well now he probably has to. No Lin, no Shumpert, and Smith with his poor ball handling. Knicks are really hurting at point guard, as if they weren’t already, having the least assists and most turnovers of any playoff team.

There’s talk of Lin coming back on Wednesday for Game 5 but come on. The guy hasn’t even had full contact yet or tried playing defense at full speed, and he’s still feeling soreness the day after workouts. He is NOT ready to jump back in, for the playoffs no less. Lin needs to think about his future and not try to come back in a series that is likely lost already.

Now, IF the Knicks miraculously win Game 5 in Miami and IF Lin is 100% confident that he is ready to come back, then maybe he can play in Game 6. But those are 2 very big if’s.

My heart hopes for the Knicks to make history and pull off a huge upset in 7 games, but my brain is saying it ends in Game 5. 🙁

Why Put Novak on the Floor

Why put Novak on the floor if he is barely going to touch the ball.

Then Stoudemire goes and CUTS HIS HAND after the game. GG. Like they said on ESPN, the Knicks are great at building up expectations and then stinking up the joint. No one does it better. Lin don’t come back. Rest, heal up, get stronger for next year.

Just as I’m talking about expectations, Stoudemire apparently punched the glass case of a fire extinguisher and cut his hand badly, reportedly losing quite a bit of blood. How stupid can you be to do something like this?

The Knicks – another futile year, what’s new.

Knicks and the Playoffs

You want to know why it’s frustrating watching the Knicks? Because they sabotage themselves. Different coaches, different players, different GM’s, but it always happens.

The Knicks had a very good chance to grab the 6th spot in the East and not have to play Miami or Chicago in the first round of the playoffs. If the Knicks had won all 4 of their last 4 games, and Orlando won 1 and lost 3, they would have a tie record and since the Knicks have a winning record againts Orlando, they would be 6th.

Well, the Knicks lost to the lowly Cleveland Caveliers at the start of those 4 games, a game they should have never lost, against an inferior team. This happened after the Knicks clinched a playoff spot and everybody got complacent. The Knicks then beat Atlanta, LA Clippers, and they’re playing the Bobcats right now.

The Magic won one of those 4 games and lost two, they’re now playing Memphis and they’re down 24 at halftime, scoring a measly 30 points in the first 2 quarters. So the Knicks had a great chance, but they’re just freaking stupid. Philly is tanking against Detroit because they want to play the Bulls so it looks like the Knicks are finishing 7th no matter what. Good luck trying to beat Miami. I believe but it just doesn’t look good.

NBA Playoffs 2009

I’m rooting for the Bulls in this series. Last night was crazy. 3 OT’s? Joakim Noah’s fast-break dunk was badass – straight up for the slam. That’s how you do it! No sissy layups. Just put the ball in the basket. Rose had a critical block but he missed both free throws – clutch failure. If Boston had 10 seconds or a timeout, it would’ve been very dangerous. Ray Allen was on FIRE last night, damn. But let’s face it, if KG were healthy, Boston would probably have won the series in 5. But now they’re toe-to-toe with a 7th seed Eastern team. But neither team really has a chance to make it to the conference finals.

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2008 NBA Playoffs 1st Round

Dallas Mavericks v. New Orleans Hornets

Has anyone ever seen Dallas exhibit any kind of sportsmanship when losing? I certainly haven’t in the last few years and that’s why I’ve always hated the Mavericks and the people on that team. They just give off a very thuggish vibe. Most of the time they resort to something like the crap that happened last night when Jason Kidd committed a dangerous Flagrant 2 foul on Janerro Pargo of the Hornets. It was right for him to get ejected, something like that could’ve caused serious injury since Pargo got flipped and was heading down head first.

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NBA Playoffs 2007 Update

Man, the Spurs v. Suns series is brutal! And Nash seems to be taking the brunt of it. There is definitely a lot of animosity between these two teams. For me, this series has cast a very dark shadow on the Spurs. Bowen is just despicable. What Horry did at the end of Game 4 was completely unnecessary! Now I’m rooting for the Suns to go all the way. I especially want them to win the next game. That would be the sweetest revenge but it’s going to be very difficult with both Stoudemire and Diaw out (unfair suspensions, but rules are rules). I was rooting for Golden State but yesterday’s loss was so disappointing.

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