The WTA Tour Sucks

Seriously, women’s tennis is in a poor state right now. Everyone’s pretty much on an even keel. On any given day, anyone can win. That’s why you got retired players coming back or thinking about coming back. And you have teens like Melanie Oudin taking out top seeds. And geezus, don’t get me started on Ivanonic. Girl went out 1st round, worst than last year’s 2nd round exit. She was ranked #1 before! And the other day, the current #1 seed (without a slam), Dinara Safina, was competing with her no name opponent to see who could suck more, who could hit more errors. It’s ridiculous. And when the women play, breaking serve is a normal, frequent occurence.

You know, it’s a shame Sharapova had to have surgery on her shoulder because I think she would’ve dominated during the time she was out, even with the Williams sisters playing. The Williams simply took advantage of a weak field. Sharapova can hold her own against both.

French Open Week 1 Roundup

I woke up today, checked some tennis sites, and had my jaw hit the desk and I let out a very audible “OH MY GOD!”. It was that shocking. Nadal lost at the French Open. In the 4th round, to Robin Soderling! You know, I’m a die hard Federer fan but that doesn’t mean I hate Nadal. I do consider myself a fan of Nadal actually, he’s just not my favorite tennis player. But this was indeed a disappointing and very stunning loss.

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Milk and Oreos

Double Stuf Chocolate Creme Oreos and a glass of milk make an excellent midnight snack. Especially when watching Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic. Ana was pretty lucky tonight. I’m looking forward to the women’s championships and Federer v. Djokovic. I have GOT to go to sleep, geezus look at the time.