Economic Crisis

Reading about everything that’s happening with the banks is kind of depressing. How the hell did the sh*t hit the fan so hard? The government just bailed out stinking AIG with a $85 billion loan. And all the pundits and experts think we haven’t seen the last of this crisis. When these companies mess up, we need to bail them out with taxpayer money? Or should the Fed keep printing more of our fiat currency, devalue the dollar, and cause inflation? This shows exactly why there needs to be regulation, because when they f*ck up this bad, it affects the whole economy. Deregulation? Free market principles? What the hell do you call the goverment buying up and controlling major financial institutions?

We Own The World

Interesting thoughts on US foreign policy by Noam Chomsky. His point is basically that the United States is not a real democratic state and the US makes its policy decisions based on the arrogant, ridiculous assumption that it owns the world, regardless of domestic or foreign opinions. And no one, at least not in the media, ever questions this. Title may seem confusing so to be clear, I am completely against most of this administration’s policies.

FBI Admits to Illegal Abuse of Power

So the FBI admits to illegally using it’s expanded power granted by the USA Patriot Act. What a damn surprise. Isn’t this one of the major reasons all the critics of the Patriot Act bring up? There’s no oversight. There’s so much potential for abuse of power. I’m sorry but you can’t simply “trust” these people to follow all the rules. There has to be accountability and oversight. That’s the whole basis our government is formed upon – checks and balances.

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