IRS Underreported Income Scam

Just a heads up that there are fraudulent IRS emails going around claiming you’ve underreported your income and asks you to click a link. These are fake and the IRS would never email you for something like this. It’s kind of clever that I started getting these emails around right around when the third Estimated Self Employment Tax payment was due (September 16). If you check the email headers, the email is clearly not from the IRS and the link they provide also doesn’t go to

PayPal Phishing

I recently got a spoofed email attempting to phish my PayPal account details. I think of myself as pretty adept at identifying phishing emails but this one came at just the right time. This email came from PayPal’s abuse department, indicating that there was some recent suspicious activity on my account and provided a link where I could log in and presumably verify my information.

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OMG, I Won the Euromillones Spanish Lottery! (SCAM)

I’ve Hit the Jackpot

I’m announcing my retirement – it’s only $715,950 but I think I can stretch that and bum around for a decade. Okay, I’m kidding. The other day I got a piece of mail (direct mail, NOT email) that came from Spain (I’m not sure, but definitely somewhere in Europe). There’s no return address and I thought… that’s weird, I don’t know anyone in Europe.

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