Gimme a Bailout

What is it with all these companies in different industries asking for a bailout? Seriously, the other day I read some report about the porn industry asking for a bailout. It’s just getting ridiculous. A business should be run in a way to handle downturns, otherwise you get replaced by a more competent competitor. It seems the fashionable thing to do these days is to just ask for a government bailout when times get tough.

Despite the Recession

I’ve actually gotten a lot more work this month. Well, there was a general uptick in work following the end of summer but I was little worried some of my clients would cut back in the face of a recession. And yes, I’m pretty sure we’re in a recession. I’m still worried about how it’ll affect me in a couple months, but we’ll see. Sorry, not much else to post about, I’ve been pretty busy. Have a good weekend!

Economic Crisis

Reading about everything that’s happening with the banks is kind of depressing. How the hell did the sh*t hit the fan so hard? The government just bailed out stinking AIG with a $85 billion loan. And all the pundits and experts think we haven’t seen the last of this crisis. When these companies mess up, we need to bail them out with taxpayer money? Or should the Fed keep printing more of our fiat currency, devalue the dollar, and cause inflation? This shows exactly why there needs to be regulation, because when they f*ck up this bad, it affects the whole economy. Deregulation? Free market principles? What the hell do you call the goverment buying up and controlling major financial institutions?