WordPress Themes are GPL

WordPress is an open-source content management system for websites that I use very often for my personal projects and client work. In fact, it powers this site as well. Recently there was a very contentious and public spat between Matt Mullenweg (original co-developer and primary frontman for WordPress and CEO of Automattic) and Chris Pearson (developer of Thesis, a commercial WordPress theme). The argument was over whether Thesis should be at least be partially licensed under the GPL (the license WordPress uses). I’m not going to rehash all the stuff that was said but my opinion is that yes, WordPress themes and plugins are GPL.

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Starcraft 2 Release Tomorrow

Starcraft 2 was one of my most wanted games for many years and I’m oddly indifferent to its pending release tomorrow. I got a beta invite but never even installed it. Could I be losing interest in gaming? Ha, probably not. I’ll likely get around to it by the weekend. Actually, the thought having to relearn the game is slightly unappealing, because I was only able to be OK at the first game, after playing it for several years. And I haven’t touched the original game for several years so I’m not even good at that anymore. When I do something, even something as trivial as a video game, I want to be really good at it.

(07/28/2010) P.S. I lied, started playing a little bit of the campaign last night. 😉

The Decision

Man, Lebron James loves himself. A big national TV event for the “King” just to announce which team he’s going to and he says the experience has been humbling. I think just the opposite. His ego is getting out of control and he hasn’t won a single championship. I feel bad for Cleveland. Too bad he didn’t come to the Knicks.

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Awful Heat Wave

Boy, it is HOT in NYC these days. In comparison, last summer was very mild. Where I am its 97° F and feels 101° F. I can stand a dry heat, but it’s humid too right now which makes you sticky and uncomfortable. It’s the humidity that I can’t stand.

Twilight Movies Are Absolutely Horrible

Twilight is so bad. Just so freaking bad, it’s no joke. I made the mistake of agreeing to watch the first one. Then the bigger mistake of watching the second one. No way I’m watching another Twilight movie ever. Seriously, the 3 lead actors are so bad. They can’t act at all. I don’t remember my specific reaction to the first one, but I just remember it was nothing special and pretty much a bad movie. But wow, the second one was just an absolute horror. Bored out of my mind watching these crappy actors trying to be all angsty and everything. Makes you want blow your brains out. In fact I barely even remember what the heck happened in the 2 movies. I just remember bad actors squinting their eyes and trying to emote and the girl with the same blank look on her face all the time.

Sometimes I have these random pockets of free time in front of my computer and I like to check out movie trailers. And judging by the trailer for the latest Twilight movie it’s going to be another huge stinker. It’s like these actors get worse and more wooden after each one. How the hell are these people cast. I’m sure there are a million good-looking, under-employed actors out in L.A. that could’ve done better.


People have died while watching Twilight. It’s that bad.