LOST Finale

Well, LOST ended last night. Don’t know quite what to make of it, I just know the journey is over, and it kind of feel like a journey. And I don’t think the point was to figure out what the island was or to answer every mystery but just to follow the characters’ stories.


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Madrid Open Website is Still Horrible

I posted last year about the Madrid Open’s horrible side-scrolling, incomprehensible website. Well this year, it’s not much better. It’s a gigantic Flash mess that’s nearly unusable. To scroll you literally have to grab a virtual scrollbar. I don’t even know where to begin. I had to find Order of Play information from the ATP website because I couldn’t find it on Madrid Open’s website. It is just bad. So bad. The agency designing this site is stuck in 1999 and the people at the Madrid Open clearly have never spent any time using their own website. Either that or they’re easily impressed by cheap animated transitions and background music.

Nuclear Launch Detected

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty drops on July 27, 2010! I might preorder this to get in on the beta. I’m telling you, Starcraft players are freaking hardcore. If you don’t start getting a feel for the new game in the beta, you’ll probably get owned left and right when you do start playing.

Blizzard splitting StarCraft II into a trilogy seems like a money grab but they claim they wanted to do so much with each campaign that they split each race into its own game. That better be true. I know most people get the value from the multiplayer but it’s going to suck if single-player ends up being a 5-hour deal. Then it would be obvious it’s just about money.