Kim Yuna Wins Gold in Women’s Figure Skating

Well she just won the gold in women’s figure skating, scoring an unprecendented, staggering 228.56 (world record). She earned record scores of 78.50 in the short program on Tuesday and 150.06 in the free skate tonight. Her free skate program was flawless technically and of course she always gets exceptional marks for her artistic expression on the ice. It was nuts. I thought she’d hit high 130’s but wow 150! That’s insane. She only broke 200 total score last year and she was the first to do it. She just cleared 200 by nearly 30 points, beating out Mao Asada, the silver medalist, by over 23 points. Crazy.

She had the weight of an entire nation on her and she was already the biggest celebrity in South Korea and she just exploded into another stratosphere.

Kim Yuna Breaks Her Own World Record

Kim Yuna broke her own world record (again) in the women’s figure skating short program with a leading score of 78.50! And she did it after falling in practice and after Mao Asada, her main rival, put up an exceptional performance herself (73.78). Kim Yuna’s the best and she proves it again, that triple lutz triple toe loop was beautiful. The thing I like most about Yuna is that her performances are actually fun to watch, the choreography is great, and she puts a lot feel into it. A lot of the other skaters look like they’re just smiling and going through the motions until their big jumps.

The video below is from the Skate America competition back in mid November, but it’s the same short program she did in Vancouver tonight. Her last world record (76.50) was set at this event.

Knicks Next Year

So it seems like the my hometown team, the Knicks, might be able to bring in some real talent next year with its maneuvers to clear salary cap space. With Tracy McGrady and his expiring contract, the Knicks have enough room to bring in 2 top tier players. James and Wade as free agents next year are awfully enticing, but I don’t know if both would come to NY. Players like that typically want to lead the team and it won’t work with 2 alpha males. But either way, with the right talent, the Knicks might finally be worth watching. I gave up on the Knicks a long time ago and you might say a real fan sticks with it through thick and thin, but there’s only so many crappy games and 4th quarter collapses against mediocre teams you can sit through before enough is enough.

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I’m Never Getting My Package

Are UPS drivers instructed not to attempt delivery if they perceive even the slightest danger or obstruction? We had a blizzard last week in NYC and since then, UPS has refused to deliver my package. On 3 separate days the status page for the package says “EMERGENCY CONDITIONS BEYOND UPS’ CONTROL”. After the first 2 times, I figured it’s because there’s piles of snow on the sidewalk blocking access by foot from the street. So I shoveled a clear path to my front door and made sure no parked car would block this foot path from the street. It’s not wet or slippery and the snow on the street was melted. So there was really no reason to cite any kind of “emergency conditions” because now they could easily get off the truck and walk to my door. But no, failed delivery a 3rd time.

Well it just snowed another 3 inches last night and I think it’s still going. I am never freaking getting this package. I’d walk out to the truck if I knew when they were coming. There was a reason this package was supposed to come before the previous weekend. And now I’m wondering when the heck I’m actually going to get it. When all the snow melts? That could take another week for crying out loud. Geez UPS guy, suck it up will you? Snow’s not going to kill you.