French Open Week 1 Roundup

I woke up today, checked some tennis sites, and had my jaw hit the desk and I let out a very audible “OH MY GOD!”. It was that shocking. Nadal lost at the French Open. In the 4th round, to Robin Soderling! You know, I’m a die hard Federer fan but that doesn’t mean I hate Nadal. I do consider myself a fan of Nadal actually, he’s just not my favorite tennis player. But this was indeed a disappointing and very stunning loss.

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Mike Brown is a Glorified Cheerleader

Is Mike Brown the head coach of the Cavs or not? What I found amazing was that in practically all of the timeouts at the end of Game 4, on both key defensive and offensive possessions, it was the assistant coach calling the plays, telling the players what to do, and drawing on the clipboard. Mike Brown just stood and watched. Contrast this with Phil Jackson, Stan Van Gundy, or George Karl – these coaches are always calling the plays. Coach of the year my butt.

Madrid Open: Worst Site Ever

Well, not ever, but the website for the Madrid Open is one of the worst sites I’ve ever used. The logo is ugly (reminds of the London 2012 logo but that one still takes the cake), the color scheme is way off (gray on bright aqua?!), and the overall usability is absolutely horrendous. Just horrible. And oh, it scrolls sideways. I can’t believe people are paid to produce sites with this magnitude of suck. Or a likely scenario is a tournament organizer’s “nephew who knows web stuff” put the site together.

NBA Playoffs 2009

I’m rooting for the Bulls in this series. Last night was crazy. 3 OT’s? Joakim Noah’s fast-break dunk was badass – straight up for the slam. That’s how you do it! No sissy layups. Just put the ball in the basket. Rose had a critical block but he missed both free throws – clutch failure. If Boston had 10 seconds or a timeout, it would’ve been very dangerous. Ray Allen was on FIRE last night, damn. But let’s face it, if KG were healthy, Boston would probably have won the series in 5. But now they’re toe-to-toe with a 7th seed Eastern team. But neither team really has a chance to make it to the conference finals.

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