Morning Routine

Every morning, as I sit down with my coffee and bagel, I pull up Google Reader and the New York Times. I read some news and wade through my subscribed RSS feeds for interesting stuff. Every morning there’s between 200-400 new items in my reader. I’m subscribed to over 220 feeds, in a whole range of topics, but my subscriptions are dominated by sites that enrich my professional knowledge. This can take up an hour or two, depending on my schedule. Sometimes when I think about it, it’s quite remarkable how so much information is available at our fingertips. And it can all be delivered straight to us for immediate consumption.

Taliban Slowly Taking Over Pakistan

I mean seriously – what is up. They’re running wild and the Pakistani government is just letting them. What are we going to do next, invade Pakistan? So not only are we making no progress in Afghanistan, the Taliban’s now taking over Pakistan? Let’s not freakin forget Pakistan has nukes.

Time Warner Cable Bandwidth Caps

Bandwidth caps are bad for consumers, plain and simple. It’s simply a way to squeeze more money out of consumers while the cable company’s costs are largely fixed. Granted, they’re only expanding to a few select markets (including Rochester, NY), but they’ll be crazy to do this in any market where they actually have competition like Verizon FiOS. As for Verizon, they’re not doing bandwidth caps because they need to gain market share against the cable companies, not because they’re the good guy. Verizon is spending a lot of money building out fiber networks and are heavily dependent on subscriber growth. They need to be taking customers away from cable companies and see this is a competitive advantage. Trust me, if Verizon FiOS were very well established, they’d be considering bandwidth caps too.

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There’s been lots of news about pirates recently having taken an American ship and now holding a captain hostage. I think they need to learn that at least when they take American ships, they’ll suffer the consequences. I know nothing’s ever simple, but I wish we would just send in commando teams to retake the ships. When you negotiate and pay ransom, pirates will only continue their activity because it works.

Yes: NYT – Captain Is Freed and 3 Pirates Killed