Del Potro Massacre

I already checked the score this morning but I caught a good portion of the taped broadcast of the Federer v. Del Potro match and it was just brutal. I mean absolutely brutal. I even saw some people in the audience shaking their heads when they did one of those camera pans. I thought Del Potro would put up a good fight. Double bagel? Wow. I feel kind of bad for Del Potro. At one point, Fed even struck the ball over the net with a header (after the play was over) as if to say he might as well be playing without a racket.

FiOS Installed

Well, I got FiOS Internet and TV service installed today. The installation took most of the day and then I spent the rest of the day cleaning and throwing out junk because I had to move a bunch of furniture and a whole lot of crap out of my closet for the installation.

Fighting in Gaza

They’re never going to stop fighting until one side loses the will to fight or one side’s all dead. I don’t claim to know a lot about Middle East. But here’s what I do know. Israel ain’t going anywhere. They will always be backed by the United States. Its military and technological advantages mean they can wage war way better than any Arab countries/factions in the region. Organizations like Hamas or countries like Iran have publicly stated that they don’t want Israel to exist. And they will NEVER lose the will to fight, given their propensity for things like suicide bombing. There’s the conundrum: an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. How many Presidents have tried to establish peace in the region? It never ends.

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Gimme a Bailout

What is it with all these companies in different industries asking for a bailout? Seriously, the other day I read some report about the porn industry asking for a bailout. It’s just getting ridiculous. A business should be run in a way to handle downturns, otherwise you get replaced by a more competent competitor. It seems the fashionable thing to do these days is to just ask for a government bailout when times get tough.

Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP

I’m writing this from a spanking new Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP LCD monitor. This thing is a little bigger than I thought, I actually have to turn my head a little to look at the left and right sides. It definitely improves my workflow immensely when I’m using Photoshop and Dreamweaver. There’s just so much more space on the screen to work with. Not to mention I have some 1080p videos that look absolutely gorgeous on this thing.

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